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Age group : Usually above three years old. If under the age of three, need to be accompanied by a parent or elder.

A jigsaw puzzle that can exercise your child's hands-on ability. The bright colors allow the baby to learn to distinguish colors. The puzzle piece is magnetic and made of high-quality wood material. It is the best toy to improve the relationship between parents and children.


  • Name: Variety Magnetic Puzzle
  • Weight: 0.7kg
  • Size: 26.5*22.5*4cm
  • Material: high-quality wood
  • Style: facial features, transportation style, circus-style, professional dress style


  • To stimulate the baby's curiosity, curiosity and exploration spirit, better develop creativity;
  • Training baby hand-eye coordination, lay the foundation for visual and labor skills and skills development;
  • Cultivated baby cognitive color, lines, shape, form, and space, and present and express in the brain;
  • Behavioral habits to cultivate the baby's attention is an essential element of post-school concentration.


  • Each has its own magnetism and can be attached to the board;
  • The small box can be used as a storage box to exercise your baby's storage and finishing skills
  • On the white magnetic side, children can play puzzle games with magnet and draw with the eraser pen.
  • Perfect to keep little kids busy for a while, including about 100 pieces magnet. All magnetic shapes and accessories can be used to create a large variety of beautiful patterns. Inspire a kid's creativity and imagination.
  • Great toy for preschool kids. It will help them learn colors, math, shapes and so on. Develop hand-eye coordination well.