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Compete and have fun with family and friends with Hover Shot - the awesome hovering ball shooting game! The setup is simple: place the five balls on the pillars, turn on the game and the balls will be suspended in mid-air! Then compete to shoot down the balls as quickly as you can with the included foam dart blasters.

Master Your Sharpshooting Skills

  • Control the height of the hovering balls by adjusting the airflow of the pillars.
  • This game just might be the most fun you will ever have at home with your kids and parents.


Required Battery Count: 4

Batteries Included: No

Package Contents: 

KIT1 Package Contents: 1 Hover Shot Toy, 1 Toy Blaster Gun, 3 Toy Bullets

KIT2 Package Contents: 1 Hover Shot Toy, 2 Toy Blaster Gun, 6 Toy Bullets

KIT3 Package Contents: 1 Hover Shot Toy, 3 Toy Blaster Gun, 9 Toy Bullets

KIT4 Package Contents: 2 Hover Shot Toys, 4 Toy Blaster Gun, 12 Toy Bullets